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  • Title Insurance
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Title insurance is an insured statement of the condition of your "title" or ownership rights to a certain piece of property. A title insurance policy describes your property in detail and states what limiataions, if any, there are to your ownership. (For example, you may take ownership subject to existing liens or encumbrances, you may not own mineral rights, or easements may have been granted to utility companies or adjacent property owners.) Most importantly, a title insurance policy guarantees that the property you are purchasing is free of undisclosed liens, confusion in the rights of ownership, or other clouds on the title. In short, it guarantees that you own the property for which you bargained.

Title insurance is used to protect both lenders and property owners from losses due to these defects. Protecting the interests of lenders and property owners is done in two parts. Loan Policies protect the lender’s interest in a property, while an Owner’s Policy is designed to protect the property owner.

Title insurance guards against the many possibilities of loss due to title defects, such as:

  • a forged will or deed
  • undiscovered wills
  • a signature by a minor or mentally incompetent person
  • fraudulent representations
  • judgment against a property owner
  • lawsuits
  • invalid divorces
  • sellers who misrepresent their marital status
  • false affidavits
  • unpaid taxes
  • unreleased mortgages
  • clerical errors in the records
  • confusion arising from similar names